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[CR] Hotel. [CR] Hotel.

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Freak me out!

The Idea is hillarious as hell and in the beginning you caught the atmosphere of the original quite good, but this Lead (Vocal?!) gets annoying after a while and -sorry to say- but copied MIDI Files for Piano are just not an option. You just can't do that without "humanizing" it at least a little.

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Cryoma responds:

Point taken on the vox, as for the piano I tried to change it a bit so it didn't seem quantized, but I guess I should work on it more.

==(Oasis)== ==(Oasis)==

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Nicely Done

Well Done, it would have been great if it would stay more "ethnic - acoustic", even when it gets big. but thats just my opinion.

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Buoy responds:

Er, I liked the acoustic/electronic mix :(

Thanks for the review!

March of the dead March of the dead

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Good Attempt

The Classical alike writing is a nice Idea and you're with no doubt a skillfull guitarplayer.
Sadly, you got a pretty small drumset there, which doesn't fit the "greatness" of the arrangement at all. Also the background stuff (choir, bells ect.) could be worked out more to keep the listener occupied.
Last but not least, you should get the rythm-guitar straight, sometimes is just not in time.
I hope you understand this as constructive criticism. Keep working on it :)

Alex G.

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